Yankee (11 bets)

Yankee (11 bets)

In sports betting circles, there are several types of attitudes: be a loss minimizer, be a profit accumulator.

There are those who bet on a lot of small ones, and there are those who are supporters of large one-time bets. There is, however, a method that can be used with success if one has sufficient experience of its operation.

The essence of system betting is that you place combination bets that result in the same result as if you played events on a full combination board. Only here you can make all possible bindings for the events/outcomes of your choice in a moment.

It takes a little time to understand how it works exactly, but once you get the hang of it, the rest of the bigger system bets will work too.

Yankee (11) is the easiest of the system bets.

Yankee betting in a nutshell

Yankee betting

As for system bets, in most cases these are aimed at predicting the final result of the matches. The essential part of their operation is that as soon as two out of four events come in, you are already entitled to the prize!

However, it should be noted that in this case your prize is still much smaller than if you hit all four (it also depends on the odds of the winning outcomes).

It is not even certain that you will be two more than your total. On the other hand, the fact that you approach the event from a combination point of view will help you not place your bet as a single bond, but spread your risks and get the most out of your future winnings!

Yankee 11 therefore goes beyond a simple collection bet, where it may happen that if one of the four events you place on a slip does not come, your bet is already out. The situation is different in this case.

What is the essence of the Yankee bet?

essence of the Yankee bet

By definition, the more hits you get, the bigger the prize you can get.

The fact that it is not just a bet put together by a machine also works great. you put together your slip yourself and decide which four events to bet on.

It is advisable to keep in mind that a system bet is usually more expensive than a traditional bet, but the method does not hide a bag of money, because it means 11 bets, that is how many bets are combined from the four events/outcomes you choose. In essence, it works as if you bet on 11 ties, individually, but for one total bet

It’s in its name: Yankee 11.

These 11 bets are made up as follows: they include six bets on deuces, four bets on threes and one bet on fours. This should be considered as if the events were listed in twos on six sections, three on four sections, and all four events on one section.

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