How much profit can a Lucky bet make?

Lucky bet

The lucky bet is different from the plain combo in that here our base bet is multiplied by the number of bets. So, if our base bet is HUF 1,000, our ticket costs a total of HUF 15,000. For example, if the minimum bet at Bwin is 0.5€, we cannot place a bet under such a system for 7.5€.

So the system bet is an expensive pastime. Is it worth it to us? Well, it depends on how many of the 4 tips we get and what their own odds are.

Examples of Lucky 15 bets

Examples of Lucky 15 bets

Perhaps you can already see from all this that we need at least 15.00 odds with a single received tip to break even with our system coupon, which, let’s face it, is quite unlikely. Those who bet in a system, anyway, prefer to place the outcomes with a higher probability, i.e. with lower odds, next to each other.

Now let’s see with an example how the lucky 15 prize is calculated, if 2 out of 4 tips are successful in our system bet. Our basic bet is HUF 1,000, so when betting, our total bet will be HUF 15,000.

The event/outcome: Italy-Argentina cup final between the European champions and the winner of the Copa América. We make the Italian victory with the odds of 3.10, and it will come in.

Event B outcome: Scotland-Ukraine World Cup Qualifier. We put the Scots to win at odds of 2.30 and it comes in.

Winning A and B automatically means winning the A&B combo. The formula for our overall winning odds is: A odds + B odds + A x B odds. Our profit is the cumulative multiplier multiplied by the base bet, minus the total bet.

What happened? The fact that two outcomes with not very high odds hardly bring any serious benefit in this form of betting.

Add to this the Spain-Portugal UEFA Nations League match as event C. Here, with odds of 2.10, we bet that the Spaniards will pull this off. In this case, our table is as follows.

Examples of Lucky 15 bets

With three good tips, we had a winning combination of three, and our 3-3 simple bet and combination of two automatically won. The winning multipliers of these are then all added up and then multiplied by the base bet (HUF 1000). Our total bet (HUF 15,000) must be subtracted from this latter product for the profit.

Our final prize in this case is almost HUF 26,000! This also shows that with odds of this size, we should rather have 3 tips. With two, at best, we break even, but we will be even more unprofitable.

If we do the same 3 matches as a simple combi, with these odds. Our A&B&C multiplier is also 14.973. If we also put HUF 15,000 on the simple combi, our profit is HUF 208,950, but there is no room for error. We either win everything or nothing!

Let’s make one last variation and assume that the B event Scotland-Ukraine is set to 2, the less likely Ukrainians win odds of 3.50. For winning bets A and B, the following happens:

So, with an average odds of 3.30 for two winning tips, we have already achieved a moderate profit. We have now dispensed with the bookmaker-specific margins, which are only a few percent less than the nominal odds anyway.

Before anyone gets scared that you have to do a similar calculation every time, this is not the case. The better online bookmakers have their own system betting prize calculator, into which you only need to enter the assumed winning odds.

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