Combined bet

Combined bet

If you have always been interested in the mysterious world of combined betting, then you should stay with us.

In this article, we will show you exactly what a combined bet is, where and how you can place such bets and how you can make money with this method. By the time you get to the end of reading, you will know more about online sports betting and the role of combined betting within it.

Introduction to the world of sports betting – What is combined betting?

We can talk about a combined (combi for short) bet if you place at least two events on your betting slip. Online bookmakers regulate combined bets according to their own system. Each site itself tells you the maximum number of events you can place on a slip, what the maximum odds can be, and of course the maximum prize and payout amount also depends on the site – and its operators.

The essence of combi betting

essence of combi betting

So this is the combi bet, the essence of which is that by combining several good tips you can win a significantly larger amount than if you did them individually.

Be sure to read the rules of the online bookmaker before you start betting, so that you can definitely act according to the rules and get your prize. Read on if you’re interested in our pro tips on exactly how you can win bigger and bigger sums with combined bets!

Placing a combi bet – How can I win money?

Let’s see examples

Combi betting has some basic rules that you can follow to make a profit. Ignore them and you will experience a continuous shrinking of your wallet! The first and most important thing is to always look up the event you want to bet on.

The more information we collect, the better, as we can form a more accurate picture of what we can expect from the given event. Of course, this works in the same way for individual bets, but in the case of combined bets, not only the winnings can be multiplied, but also the loss caused by mistakes.

Decide how you want to play!

It follows from the above that any event should not be slapped onto the profile just like that. Of course, there is a great temptation to combine the best possible odds. It is a clear line that this is how your winnings can be really big when betting on football.

However, at this point, ask yourself: would you rather have a 1000th chance of a bigger prize or a 90 percent chance of a slightly smaller one? For those who think in the long term, the decision is clear, successful sports betting can only be imagined along such a strategy. Play with your mind, not your heart – and especially don’t be driven by greed!

You eat more than your heart!

Don't play with your heart

Don’t play with your heart! This is the third, also very important basic rule of online sports betting. We understand that you follow your favorite team on a daily basis and know everything about them.

However, this information would not necessarily pass the standard of objectivity. ​You can’t rule out emotions, and you’ll end up making subjective decisions in favor of your favorite team just because you love them. Don’t bet on your own team, because we might catch a cold – then we’ll only be angry with our favorites. And it’s all taking a toll on our wallets. Do we need this? Isn’t it

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